Stats are cool, eh?


Number of repos 181319
Numbers of releases 4944193
Average release per repo 27.27
Average star per user 277.9

Repos with most releases

truecharts/charts 63244
jupyterlab/jupyterlab 28744
CommE2E/comm 27410
web-platform-tests/wpt 26711
gatsbyjs/gatsby 26171

Releases per day

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Latest releases

Repository Last version Published at
yahoo/elide 7.0.0-pr5 pre-release
ungoogled-software/ungoogled-chromium 114.0.5735.90-1
ryanoasis/nerd-fonts v3.0.2
nilsschmidt1337/ldparteditor LDPartEditor 1.8.68 (v1.8.68)
gajus/eslint-plugin-jsdoc v46.2.4
aardappel/treesheets 5171004411
getmoto/moto 4.1.11
johnkerl/miller New case verb, index DSL function, and more (v6.8.0)
dbeaver/dbeaver 23.1.0
jakehilborn/displayplacer v1.3.0
KronicDeth/intellij-elixir v15.0.2-pre+20230604193456 pre-release
SBoudrias/Inquirer.js @inquirer/editor@1.2.0
AngleSharp/AngleSharp 1.0.2 (v1.0.2)
arethetypeswrong/ v0.0.7
sumpfork/dominiontabs v4.4.0
buchen/portfolio 0.63.1
SimonN/LixD v0.10.11
openshift/openshift-ansible openshift-ansible-3.11.1068-1
sindresorhus/Actions v2.5.2
cosmiconfig/cosmiconfig v8.2.0