Stats are cool, eh?


Number of repos 205315
Numbers of releases 6370147
Average release per repo 31.03
Average star per user 298.37

Repos with most releases

truecharts/charts 78685
CommE2E/comm 45402
jupyterlab/jupyterlab 40215
aws/aws-sdk-go-v2 37468
thi-ng/umbrella 34752

Releases per day

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Latest releases

Repository Last version Published at
mspnp/AzureNamingTool v4.2.1
withcatai/node-llama-cpp v2.8.12
grafana/explore-logs v0.0.13
SoftFever/OrcaSlicer OrcaSlicer V2.1.0 Official Release (v2.1.0)
mason-org/mason-registry 2024-06-21-humble-help
mage-ai/mage-ai 0.9.72 | House Targaryen 🐉 (0.9.72)
rtm516/MCXboxBroadcast Build 30 (master) (30)
hcavarsan/kftray KFtray - v0.12.1 (v0.12.1)
Ivy-Apps/ivy-wallet Release v4.6.5-165 (v4.6.5-165)
StreetLamb/tribe v0.3.0
kubenetworks/kubevpn Release v2.2.11 (v2.2.11)
yt-dlp/FFmpeg-Builds Auto-Build 2024-06-21 14:08 (autobuild-2024-06-21-14-08)
jooooock/wrx v0.0.2.8
DAGWorks-Inc/burr burr-0.22.3
secvisogram/secvisogram Secvisogram 2.5.7 (v2.5.7)
traderepublic/Cilicon 2.2.1 - Bugfixes and improvements (v2.2.1)
pyscript/pyscript 2024.6.2
supabase/storage v1.6.0
vercel/turbo v2.0.5-canary.2