Stats are cool, eh?


Number of repos 203788
Numbers of releases 6231424
Average release per repo 30.58
Average star per user 295.93

Repos with most releases

truecharts/charts 78685
CommE2E/comm 45202
jupyterlab/jupyterlab 40005
aws/aws-sdk-go-v2 37068
thi-ng/umbrella 34752

Releases per day

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Latest releases

Repository Last version Published at
violet-dev/sync-data db_1716175983
CVEProject/cvelistV5 CVE 2024-05-20_0300Z (cve_2024-05-20_0300Z)
Patrowl/PatrowlHearsData 2024-05-20
tkey/tkey v13.0.3-alpha.0
huacnlee/autocorrect v2.9.3
Wenzel/ v0.7.2
violet-dev/chunk chunk 1716173077 (1716173077)
cargo-bins/cargo-quickinstall shellfirm-0.2.10
deepfence/ThreatMapper threatintel-vuln-v5-2024-05-20_01-45-08
k1LoW/runn v0.108.1
pnp/powershell 2.4.70-nightly
subquery/subql [4.9.0] @subql/cli (cli/4.9.0)
superfly/flyctl v2024.5.20-pr3545.2
fantastic-admin/basic v4.8.1
lowlighter/libs bundle-4.2.4
ietf-tools/author-tools 1.4.4
grosjo/fts-xapian Version 1.7.12 (1.7.12)
es-meta/esmeta v0.4.1
sourcegit-scm/sourcegit Release 8.13 (v8.13)
baoyachi/shadow-rs fix cargo clippy (v0.28.0)