Get new releases in your feed reader

We gather new releases from your starred GitHub repositories and generate an Atom feed with them.

Just for you.

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What Banditore can do for me?

Be notified for a new release

When a new release / tag is available, you'll know it right away. So you won't forget to update your project.

Soft notification, because of RSS feed

I know you're tired of emails, popups & browser / mobile notifications. RSS feed is soft notification that won't bother you.

Don't forget starred repository

We all do that: you star a repo and the next few days you already forget about it. That's over. Any new release will remind you about it!

Install your own Banditore

Banditore is full open source. If you don't want to use this website, you can install it on your own server.

How it works

Retrieve starred repositories from your GitHub account

When you first login, we retrieve minimal information from you (name, username & avatar). Then we fetch your stars & their associated repository.

Periodically retrieve new release & tag

At least twice per hour, we retrieve new release or tag for your repository using your token. Once we have gathered all these information, we build a feed with them, ordered by published date of each release.

Markdownified content

Some release contains markdown information which will be converted in HTML for a better rendering. For tag (which doesn't come with a body), we'll only display the tag name.

Do you want to improve it?

As I said, Banditore is open source. If something bother you or if you want to improve it, I'll be much happy to check your issue or review your PR!

File Icons
File Icons

Bandi … what?

Banditore is an italian word. It means a town crier (or in french un crieur public).

Wikipedia says: "A town crier, or bellman, is an officer of the court who makes public pronouncements as required by the court ".

We are not in court here but I think you get the idea. Banditore will makes "announcements" about new releases from repositories you starred. On every new release (or tag, because some people don't use the Release feature) it'll push a new item right away in your Atom feed.