Stats are cool, eh?


Number of repos 21554
Numbers of releases 509940
Average release per repo 23.66
Average star per user 251.24

Repos with most releases

v8/v8 12438
JetBrains/kotlin 11677
vim/vim 7436
web-platform-tests/wpt 5502
gatsbyjs/gatsby 4953

Releases per day

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Latest releases

Repository Last version Published at
beyondgrep/ack3 2.999_05
leonstafford/wordpress-static-html-plugin latest_snapshot
top-think/think v5.1.27
apple/swift-package-manager swift-4.2-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2018-10-21-a
apple/swift swift-4.2-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2018-10-21-a
beakerbrowser/beaker 0.8.0
openspace42/aenigma v0.6.1-beta.1
mabasic/wakatime-php-api 2.0.5
theintern/intern 4.3.2
jas-/node-libnmap 0.4.16
ccxt/ccxt 1.17.399
sitespeedio/ v7.7.0
NanoAdblocker/NanoCore v1.0.0.73
mevdschee/php-crud-api v2.0.4
micmro/PerfCascade v2.5.5
micmro/PerfCascade v2.5.5-source
nelmio/alice v3.5.2
nikic/php-ast v1.0.0
mui-org/material-ui v3.3.0