Stats are cool, eh?


Number of repos 64712
Numbers of releases 1663980
Average release per repo 25.71
Average star per user 161.33

Repos with most releases

ctx-core/ctx-core 22636
chromium/chromium 18719
JetBrains/kotlin 18706
v8/v8 17506
angular/core-builds 15030

Releases per day

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Latest releases

Repository Last version Published at
quasarframework/quasar-ui-qcalendar v2.2.0
CumulusNetworks/docs Cumulus Networks Docs v1.5.189 (v1.5.189)
Refactorio/RedMew Nightly release - 2020-07-10 - dbdd241 (nightly/2020-07-10-dbdd241) pre-release
uber/baseweb v9.85.2
godaddy-wordpress/coblocks 2.0.3
ROCmSoftwarePlatform/MIOpen MIOpen v2.5.0 (2.5.0)
orchidsoftware/platform 7.13.0
galElmalah/scaffolder 1.4.4
amir20/dozzle Release 2.1.1 (v2.1.1)
JetBrains/kotlin-native build-1.4.20-dev-2054
Netflix/mantis Add Guava 18 to shaded libs (v1.2.57)
gregnb/mui-datatables 3.2.0-beta.0
citizenfx/fivem v1.0.0.2692
coveo/search-ui 2.0.636-beta
quasarframework/quasar quasar-v1.12.10
frednora/gramado v1.0.45
xitonix/trubka v3.1.1
cyberark/conjur v1.8.0 pre-release
nebula-plugins/gradle-lint-plugin v16.9.1
Kong/insomnia Insomnia 2020.3.3 📦 (core@2020.3.3)