Stats are cool, eh?


Number of repos 138461
Numbers of releases 3267793
Average release per repo 23.6
Average star per user 239.69

Repos with most releases

jupyterlab/jupyterlab 26295
JetBrains/kotlin 24395
web-platform-tests/wpt 24351
gatsbyjs/gatsby 23784
ctx-core/ctx-core 22636

Releases per day

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Latest releases

Repository Last version Published at
Byron/gitoxide cargo-smart-release v0.7.0 (cargo-smart-release-v0.7.0)
maticnetwork/matic.js v3 (v3.0.0)
hyperf/hyperf Release v2.2.18 (v2.2.18)
BridgeAR/safe-stable-stringify v2.3.0
abhiTronix/raspberry-pi-cross-compilers v3.0.8
azu/monorepo-utils v2.7.4
geoff-maddock/events-tracker v2021.11.28 - Stable Release (v2021.11.28)
ascoders/weekly 精读《深入了解现代浏览器一》 (219)
Tencent/QMUI_iOS 4.4.0
symfony/webpack-encore-bundle Fix for stimulus_controller() and passing `null` values (v1.13.1)
BetterThanTomorrow/calva v2.0.226
vercel/pkg 5.5.0
ssborbis/ContextSearch-web-ext 1.30.4
stardot/b-em B-Em with Speech (sf/speech) pre-release
zengin-code/source-data 2021-11-29
errata-ai/vale v2.13.0
voku/anti-xss 4.1.34
DaveJarvis/keenwrite 2.3.1
pypa/setuptools v59.4.0
Zamiell/isaac-racing-client 1.1.7 (v1.1.7)