Stats are cool, eh?


Number of repos 28712
Numbers of releases 708740
Average release per repo 24.68
Average star per user 167.6

Repos with most releases

v8/v8 13933
JetBrains/kotlin 13006
spacewalkproject/spacewalk 10240
vim/vim 7995
FarGroup/FarManager 7961

Releases per day

Soon …

Latest releases

Repository Last version Published at
zeit/ncc 0.17.0
kamilkisiela/graphql-inspector v1.14.0 - oopsie (v1.14.0)
xivapi/xivapi-php Fixes 1.6.1 (1.6.2)
phpstan/phpstan-shim 0.11.5
solo-io/gloo v0.13.1 pre-release
beautify-web/js-beautify v1.9.1
jgraph/drawio v10.5.7
streamich/react-use v5.16.0
vimeo/psalm Fix phar generation (3.2.4)
facebook/react-native v0.59.2
bitwarden/server Version 1.30.1 (v1.30.1)
phpstan/phpstan 0.11.5
vim/vim v8.1.1049
Spotifyd/spotifyd v0.2.8
sedwards2009/extraterm Extraterm v0.41.2 (v0.41.2) pre-release
aws/aws-sdk-java 1.11.525
gravitational/teleport v3.2.0-rc.1
mozilla/fathom 3.0a1
derailed/k9s 0.3.1 pre-release